Mission Statement

Our Lady of Lebanon

Maronite Catholic Church

719 University Pl. • Lewisville, Texas 75067 • (214)  436-7617


•Our   Lady   of  Lebanon   Maronite Catholic   Church, a  member parish  of the Eparchy of   Our  Lady  of Lebanon of Los Angeles, serves  the  North  Texas  area. Our  Church follows and  preserves the rich traditions and heritage of the Maronite rite.

–   Our  purpose is to joyfully proclaim  the presence of Christ to the total community by dedicating ourselves to worshipping, teaching, learning and living the Gospel of Jesus  Christ.

– We are a family of God who works together for the spiritual, physical and social growth  of the community.

–   We respect every individual regardless of marital status, race or ethnic origin and we welcome them as part  of our community.

–  We are God’s stewards on earth. Therefore, we encourage the appreciation and  utilization  of each person’s unique God- given gifts:  Time, Talent, Treasure.

–   We consecrate our Church to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady  of Lebanon, Who is our  Model and Patroness in our spiritual journey.


Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Catholic Church under the watchful stewardship of Father Assaad ElBasha